Aluminum Fencing

We currently use the Elite Fence Products company out of the State of Michigan for our Aluminum Fencing materials.  Their web site is and you can look over their various product styles, colors and option.  The aluminum is power coated and their products carry a limited lifetime warranty.  The size and shape of the material is very similar to iron and in three sizes or weights – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.  For example the pickets are 5/8″ with Residential, 3/4″ with Commercial, and 1″ with Industrial.  The styles of the fences come as a top flat rail or with protruding pickets and can have various points on them.  There are more colors available with metal than vinyl.  The most popular are white, black, bronze, brown, and green.

The fence can just go into concrete or it can have flat plates as feet which can be bolted down to a slab or the top of a concrete wall.  Some pictures of this are as follows:

Black 4' high

Black 4′ high

cream color AL fence

cream color AL fence

AL Pool gate and fence

Green single top rail fence and gate