About Us

Richard has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and an MBA both from UCLA.  This may seem an over education for a construction worker, but it has proven an asset in insuring quality at the job site.  Richard has had two careers – one in aerospace and the other in construction.  As an engineer he worked with many foreign air force military to design air defense systems for Japan, Switzerland, England, NATO, and Pakistan.  He has lived overseas and had adventures such as climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

Some years after, he started Pierce Construction & Repair, and when asked to build a vinyl deck there was difficulty locating the needed product.  From this problem came the creation of a new company Cal Fence Deck & Rail which specializes in locating and finding cutting edge quality building products.

Pierce Construction & Repair and  Cal Fence Deck & Rail  complements each other in that one provides all the labor to install while the other locates the best products at the lowest cost.

The focus of the company is to ensure satisfied customers by providing Quality Workmanship.  Tui Tagaloa has been their primary foreman for over 20 years and now they have Marquis Johnson who has a bachelor’s degree in construction and is also a licensed General Contractor.  Michael Wilson is another man on the team who has, in the past, operated his own painting business.

Richard has put together a team that strives to serve and provide the highest quality work possible.  Call us and take advantage of his dedication and expertise.

Pierce Construction & Repair
License 553657
837 Wildrose Dr
Brea, CA 92821
714 529-5002

Cal Fence Deck & Rail
714 529-0335

Family Owned and Operated by a UCLA graduate